Check the following when you buy a new battery

  1. Ensure your current battery has failed. Sometimes, your vehicle’s electrical system could have a problem. Hence find out the root cause of the problem (call us or your mechanic to check the root cause of the problem).

  2. Refer battery group size recommended by your manufacturer in the vehicle manual. Battery group size indicates the battery size that will best fit the physical dimensions of your vehicle. Many vehicles can accommodate more than one group size

  3. Before fitting the new battery, check the electrical system of your vehicle

  4. Check the cranking voltage which should be more than 9.8 volts across the battery terminal

  5. Check the alternator charging voltage which should be between 13.8V – 14.5V across the battery terminal

Check for freshness

Learn to interpret battery date codes. Or ask retailer to make sure you purchase the “freshest” battery available. A battery that has been sitting on the shelf for extended periods can lose some of its charge and may not provide the performance you need during its first use. Long term performance probably won’t be compromised however, as the battery can be returned to its original levels of performance with either in-vehicle charging or by using an external charger.


Look for a hassle free warranty

  • Is the warranty valid across India allowing you to access service anywhere you are?

  • How long is the free replacement period? This will help you avoid any surprises while asking for free replacement.

Source: Amaron